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Hi, I'm Britney Jay!

I started cultivating the idea of having my own company a few years ago, but I was't quite sure the direction I wanted to go in. I enjoy and am passionate about a lot of things, but it took a while to figure out my niche. I've always enjoyed working with my hands to create and cultivate my ideas, making them come to life. I love working with wood to create fun handcrafted items for you and for your home! I am so grateful and blessed to be able to pursue my dreams and do what I love, as I learn, grow and connect with you!

Located in sunny Southern California, surrounded by palm trees and the ocean breeze. The beach is my absolute favorite place and that was the inspiration behind the wood stain color palette I chose for you all.

I love coffee + matcha, and have one or the other daily. Summer is my favorite season. I'm an outdoors kind of girl, who is always up for a good adventure!

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