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Relevant "and" Raw

Relevant and Raw are more than just two words toggled together to make a pretty name for my company. RELEVANT // something that is meaningful and purposeful to your life. Having a connection to the matter at hand. RAW // in a natural state or condition. Not processed or refined. Not finished, covered or coated. But real. || When combined, these two words scream, real life.

Relevant + Raw is pictured in the Bible [the Word of God]. The Bible is perfect [Psalm 19:7-8]. It never changes. It is permanently inscribed. The Word of God transforms you. Bringing life as it refreshing your soul. It is raw and it is alive. It gives incredible wisdom. It is always relevant to our lives. We can depend on it and trust it ALWAYS. True happiness comes from knowing God and living out His perfect will in our lives. Nothing else can satisfy the desires of our hearts, except God. His word brings healing and joy. It's where we find guidance and direction. The Word of God is beautiful and radiant. It's real life. Giving light to our eyes, and allowing us to be the shining light in this dark world. I hope that through Relevant + Raw, I can be an example of that shining light. God is my number one above all!
Hi! I'm Britney Jay!

I started cultivating the idea of having my own company a few years ago, but I was't quite sure the direction I wanted to go in. I enjoy and am passionate about a lot of things, but it took a while to figure out my niche. I've always enjoyed working with my hands to create and cultivate my ideas, making them come to life. I love working with wood to create fun handcrafted items for you and for your home! I am so grateful and blessed to be able to pursue my dreams and do what I love, as I learn, grow and connect with you!

Located in sunny Southern California, surrounded by palm trees and the ocean breeze. The beach is my absolute favorite place and that was the inspiration behind the wood stain color palette I chose for you all.

I love coffee + matcha, and have one or the other daily. Summer is my favorite season, but each year I continue to be more and more excited about Fall. I'm an outdoors kind of girl, who is always up for a good adventure!

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